My new fave: the Maasaw Cowl!

 I am *beyond* in love with Heather Heitz's new design, the Maasaw Cowl. Each unique section of slip-stitch mosaic patterning in this over-sized cowl creates very complex, rich fabric.  Heather is a nature photographer (check out her gorgeous work on IG @heatherknitz), and the beauty she finds through the lens of her camera clearly informs her knit design aesthetic.
The designer draws much inspiration in the landscapes of the Southwestern United States. Heather says, "The pattern is inspired by cliffs of the canyons and mesas, the brilliant colors... It is an exploration in simple colorwork, combining knit and slipped stitches to create unique texture."


I've put together a yarn kit for the Maasaw Cowl that includes the fifteen 
O-Wash Worsted Mini-Skeins featured in Heather's design: Juneberry, Pasture Rose, Pearly Mussel, Brook Trout, Black-eyed Susan, Porcupine, Barn Owl, Appalachian Stone, Silver Maple, Feldspar, Cresheim Creek, Brown Bear, Sea Pine, Northern Cardinal, and Mustard Seed.
Heather created a discount code on her pattern, just for you! Use code OwoolMaasaw when checking out on Ravelry for 25% off her design.

I always encourage folks to be creative and develop their own unique color combos. If you'd like to branch out from the original design and need some help, please drop me a line at and we'll come up with something great!

 Your Projects in O-Wool Yarns

One of the fun things Ravelry offers is the advanced search - and I love being able to peek at projects in O-Wool yarns! Here are just a few that caught my eye in recent months. 
LizArrow knit a Paloma in Legacy Bulky (left). 
VeryPink knit O-Wash Worsted in a Cave of Kelpius (right). 
More stunning sweaters! On the left, iMagiNewUsAn's Humulus is knit in LocalEviecat's Beauty School in O-Wash Fingering is on the right. 
Francene's Study Hall Shawl in O-Wash Fingering is so lovely, it's no surprise a family member borrowed it! I hope they return it kindly and quickly! 


Happy spring, and happy crafting! 
Jocelyn J. Tunney