Gift Cards!
Do you have a procrastinator in your family? Forward them this email with a link to my Gift Cards! They obviously don't know what kind of yarn you want, but you obviously will be stoked to start a new O-Wool project! Win win. 

30% off Legacy DK
Legacy DK 
I still have a selection of lovely colors of Legacy DK available to you at 30% off (was $7.35, now $5.15). Some best-selling colors (Natural, Charcoal, Bluebell) still have sweater-quantities left! 
Local's Journey
Top left: Loading up my teeny car with alpaca fleeces (not sure why we left the pick-up at home...).
Top middle: Skirting the fleeces on a lovely weekend day with by chicken buddy Lucille.
Top right: Packing up the large shipping pallets to send the fiber off to be scoured.
Middle left: The scouring process; Fiber being fed into the washers.
Middle right: The scouring process; Fiber in the washer, being gently agitated by those giant teeth.
Bottom: The scouring process; Fiber coming out of the dryer. 
An update on the life and times of Batch #4 of Local! A local 4H program had expressed interest in my giving a slideshow to the kids in their "Alpaca Pals" program (how cute is that?), so I decided to document this batch's journey from alpaca to sweater for them. My scourer was kind enough to take these photos of my actual fiber going through the cleaning process - I am *so excited* to have these to share! Next up is spinning. In January I will be making my first trip to the spinning mill and, rest assured, I'll be taking pictures along the way.

Baby Legwarmers

My favorite (and only...) employee Brenna has been begging for O-Wool to make a Baby Legwarmers pattern forever. So, we recruited local knitter Ettel Dobson to create a free pattern for us! Shown above on a 3-month-old, these will fit slouchier on a younger baby and more like leggings on a 9-month-old. Adorbs! One skein of O-Wash Fingering is all you need. 
Tussock Scarf
Heidi May has curated the cutest fall look on this beautiful youngster with her Tussock Scarf. The pattern calls for Balance Bulky and is sized for children or adults. This is a great, simple project for holiday travel! 

Candy Stripe Ornament
The Candy Stripe Ornament, by Christina Danaee, is a quick, easy, free pattern taking a bit of O-Wool Balance Bulky, some stuffing, and less than an hour of your time to have a fun gift topper or decoration!  
Grace Note Cowl
The Grace Note Cowl could be your first selfish project for 2016! Knit in O-Wool Classic Worsted, designer (and my local Philadelphia knitting comrade) Tanya Seaman, referenced grace notes as written in sheet music in this pattern. The curve of the "upside-down collar" has style, complexity, and warmth, and can be worn a couple of different ways.

That's all for 2015, folks. I am so thankful for your business, kind words and support this year. See you in 2016!
All the best,
Jocelyn J. Tunney