That is quite possibly the weirdest title sentence I've ever written. But hey - it's true. Do you go to Sheep & Wool, stick your fingers deep into the spongy fleece of the blue ribbon Rambouillet and think, "This is the best day of my life?". Well, get ready to relive that moment with a skein of Local. In the skein it is a little sticky. Lanolin is used in many moisturizing creams, so you'll get a manicure while you knit. Knit it up with a LITTLE bit of breathing room and then give it a vigorous hand wash. I actually put this swatch in the washing machine - cold water, gentle cycle, in a pillow case. Use a gentle detergent - this is key to releasing the grease and revealing the soft, fuzzy loftiness hiding underneath. Grease repels water, so washing with just water won't do. I use Dreft, a baby detergent and a secret every knitter should know about.