When I make things, they begin with one specific idea that I can't shake from my brain. Often the idea is simple and sort of weird, and I can't do anything else until it's come to fruition.

I operate like this in all aspects of my life. Frustrating to all involved parties, to say the very least. As a kind colleague of mine recently put it, "When you are stuck on something, the building could collapse around you and you wouldn't notice." Truth.

I recently stayed at the warehouse until 11pm on a Friday night (exciting life, this) because I was struck with inspiration for the graphic identity for my 13 year old Pit Bull foster dog from ACCT. (Yes, I just said 'graphic identity for a Pit Bull'). Andouille now has a custom "Adopt me!" bandana and coordinating "business cards". (She's in the business of getting over a cold, and then she'll be in the business of getting adopted).

So, down to brass tacks.

I made the Garfunkel Hat on a whim (shocker). I had just picked up Overcast, Raincloud and Dandelion from the dye house and could not function until I made something with all three together. I had also been hit with the intense need to make a 70's/80's style ski hat. Two birds with one stone. I spent a lovely spring weekend at a lake house knitting this hat next to a person (and dog) I won't see for a while. At the time I felt like I had squandered an awesome weekend because I couldn't dislodge my brain. Now this hat is a reminder of a time, a place, a person and a dog. Pretty great. And sappy. I should've listed the dog first.

I was and still am obsessed with the idea of using basic knitting techniques for both form and function in a knit thing. I am intrigued by making something simple but sort of architectural. This is the impetus for most knit things I've been making recently (Fall 2012! Woo!). And was the impetus for the Picholine Hat. Knit-2-togethers that start out as a stitch pattern of sorts, and transition into top-of-the-hat decreases. Simple but interesting. I also have an undying passion for green olives and dirty martinis (the Picholine is a delicious green cocktail olive), hence the name. I recently developed an allergy to sulfites (olives, red wine, everything else amazing) (we're talking my entire body covered in massive red hives), and thought fondly of this hat last night as I held my jar of olives, smelled it, shed a tear (I REALLY like olives) and threw them in the garbage (and recycled the jar).

In typical fashion, I published these patterns and all but forgot about them because I'm on to the next weird dog business card or what have you.

This afternoon I checked in on Ravelry, and tons of people have knit these special little hats! All sorts of colors for all sorts of people. It's funny to think that things I made that evoke such a specific thought/place/olive/dog for me might be participating in similar types of thoughts/places/olives/dogs for others, both in the creation and wearing of them.

So, hey - thanks for knitting some stuff I think is cool.