Introducing the Garfunkel Hat by Jocelyn J. Tunney! I LOVE 70's and 80's ski hats... they use such great colors and patterns, and are so perfectly tacky. Apparently I love them so much I decided to take a shot at making my own. This hat uses Legacy DK in three brand new colors: Raincloud, Overcast and Dandelion. I love subtle details, so this hat has a self lining ribbed cuff (Dandelion peeks out from under the brim), and transitions from Overcast to Raincloud from bottom to top.  It's fitted but slouchy - I love this look right now. My model Missy says it's her favorite hat she's modeled so far, and she's pretty stylish so that's gotta count for something! Give it a vigorous hand wash in cold water and gentle detergent and it will be SO soft and beautiful. Cast on today!