Hey everyone! In the process of taking over O-Wool from Vermont Organic Fiber Co. I learned A LOT more than I ever knew about why O-Wool is such a fantastic, environmentally responsible product. I put this information in the "About" section of the new website, but I wanted to share it here as well.

O-Wool™ starts with the highest quality USDA certified organic merino from family owned and operated farms in Australia. The sheep are free range and non-mulesed. (Click here for more information about mulesing and why it is horrible for sheep!)

O-Wool™ is scoured with biodegradable soaps and combed to remove vegetable matter (conventional wool is “carbonized” where vegetable matter is burned out in a hydrochloric acid bath). Because our wool is combed, short fibers are removed which dramatically reduces the amount of pilling in your finished handmade item. Our scourer/comber is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) accredited.

O-Wool™ is spun in USA mills that adhere to organic standards. These standards include using vegetable based spinning oils (as opposed to synthetic), and clearing all conventional wool from machines before processing organic to prevent contamination.

O-Wool™ is dyed using low-impact dyes. These dyes do not contain heavy metals and have a high absorption rate. Less water is required to rinse out these dyes, and less dye-stuff is left in what waste water is produced.

On top of that, our dyer and skein winder are right down the street from our warehouse. O-Wool's carbon footprint has been reduced even MORE because there is no shipping required to get the finished product to our warehouse.

All of our yarn tags and patterns are printed on paper made from 100% post-consumer waste using environmentally friendly inks. The sheet protectors for our patterns are biodegradable. We print our invoices on recycled paper, and are looking into getting used boxes for shipments.

We're doing our best to be environmentally responsible... support us by using O-Wool to make an heirloom hand made item that will last forever!