20% off select O-Wool yarns & colors! 
The unfortunate reality set in yesterday when we got the keys - my office is moving. We will be packing up and heading to South Philly in the next handful of weeks. I am not excited about it, but it's been reported that an insanely delicious bakery is 1 block away, so at least there's that...

So, I've decided to move some overstocked colors from MY space into YOUR space, instead of taking them along! How does that sound?

I've set aside specific quantities of the below items for the sale - when those run out, they go back to regular price.
No sale code, just click here!

reg: $7.35, sale: $5.88
Top: Coal, Sprig, Dandelion
Bottom: Saffron, Rutabaga, Lava

reg: $12.50, sale: $10
Cabbage, Gamboge, Sprig
reg: $7.35, sale: $5.88
Sky, Dogwood
Thanks again, friends!