I'm excited to share with you my newest yarn, O-Wash Sport! Conventional superwash treatments burn the wool scales off with acid, or coat the fibers in a plastic resin (or both) to prevent felting. O-Wash uses a GOTS certified organic compound that holds the fibers still during washing to prevent felting. The fiber itself is also USDA certified organic, and the hand is silky, smooth and soft. This yarn is "tonally" dyed and you will have your best results if you alternate skeins while knitting, as you would with hand-dyed yarn. I'm starting the O-Wash line with a sport weight yarn, perfect for baby items.
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O-Wash Sport in Salamander, Bee Balm, and Arrowgrass
O-Wash Sport in Appalachian Stone, Woodpecker and Boreal Bluet