I am ready for Spring. My enthusiasm for long chilly hikes with the dogs and horseback rides in fresh snow has dwindled. Shoveling the driveway, lugging firewood and knitting with numb fingers seems to be all I do now. I am done!

Join me in pretending Winter is over, won't you? I'm welcoming 5 fresh new colors of Balance Bulky! My absolutely favorite is Igneous. The cotton and wool took the dye so differently and I find the subsequent depth of color irresistible. At long last, there are some sophisticated colors to add to the bright, fun, existing palette. Click here to check out entire collection!    
Balance Bulky in Basalt, Celestine, and Igneous
Balance Bulky in Sulfur and Travertine
Springtime Picholine Hat 
While we're pretending it's Spring, I've reworked the Picholine hat into a "Springtime" version. It incorporates eyelets along the spiral for a fun, new take on this Ravelry favorite. It takes just one skein of Balance Bulky, and it's a free download here. For the sample, I used the lovely spring green Peridot, but I think it's a great excuse to try one of the new colors...
Springtime Picholine Hat


Until next time, stay warm, friends! We're almost there!